Our Checkout System Is Changing
You'll Need To Migrate Your Relab Account...

We’ve been working hard at Relab to improve our customer experience.

One of those improvements includes a new Relab checkout system that will help us bring all our Relab products and offers “under one roof”

If you have recently grabbed a copy of LX480 Essentials (in the last 4 weeks) – you already have an account on this new system.

You may have noticed that your past purchases are not yet in this new account.

Not to fear, as we now have a solution to automatically import your past purchases.

If you’d like to import your past purchases into this new account, click the button to start an onboarding flow so you can import your past license history.

Don’t yet have a new account on this system?

No problem, you will be prompted to create a new account if one does not yet exist.

Already have a new account? Login Here

Some Important Notes About Your Account Migration

  • Your past purchases will show in the new system as a “prepaid” order for $0 under “Legacy” on your account page.
  • It will not show past or current Gobbler subscription purchases (Yet) but it will import your past single product and bundle purchases.
  • Goldplate will NOT import at this time – this is technically a Kush product and makes for some hoops we need to jump through – so we’ll look at that later.
  • Migrating your account will not affect any licenses or subscriptions – this is merely importing your history to our new system.

Should you encounter any issues during your account migration – please start a ticket at support and someone will be happy to help.